Kokoro House provides accommodation in Pipa Beach, RN, Brasil.

Kokoro no aware

Kokoro in Japanese means heart, emotion, chest sometimes. It is also the feeling that things provoke us. By making Casa Kokoro we wanted to create a space that moves our hearts, and invite us to enjoy the here and now.

Kokoro House

Housing with parking, swimming pool and barbeque as common areas, offers a House to share with family and friends, rooms with its own bathroom and garden (Suites), or Lofts with full kitchen, all the basics for cooking, separate entrance and a private garden for greater independence and privacy.

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Rua Água Viva 94 – Praia da Pipa

Tibau do Sul – RN – Brazil

PC: 59178-000

Kokoro House is 4/5 minutes walk from Praia do Amor, 8/10 minutes walk from the departure point of all transport to other beaches (Golfinhos Ave. & Anel Viario) and 15/20 minutes walk from downtown